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Caught On Camera: Burglars Steal $20K In Jewelry While Ransacking Westchester Home

WESTCHESTER ( — Authorities are looking for three burglars who ransacked a Westchester home last month but not before getting away with more than $20,000 worth of jewelry.

Officials said the burglars also left evidence behind. The crime was captured on home surveillance video.

The home, burglarized on January 29, is located in the area of 77th Street and 85th, reported CBS2's Greg Mills.

The three suspects are shown inside and outside the house. One of them is also shown cutting alarm and power cables to the home.

Cindy Hench, who helps operate a neighborhood watch, posted a video of the burglary on several social networking sites hoping to lead to the capture of the suspect.

"The video has gone viral," Hench said.

The LAPD believes the three suspect cased the house the evening before the burglary.

The police believe the men are responsible for a rash of burglaries in the area the last couple of weeks.


Police told Mills the burglaries are of the "Knock, knock" variety. Burglars knock on your door and if no one is home, they will go around the side or back and break a window to get in.

The video in this burglary shows two of the men standing watch while a third enters the home through a bathroom window. That suspect comes around and opened the backdoor for the other two.

Once inside, the suspects ransacked the place looking for valuables.

Residents told Mills they are concerned about the recent crime spree and they've met with LAPD for ideas on how to make their neighborhood safer and how to make themselves and their homes less likely to be victimized.



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