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Boy, 5, Uses Firehouse Field Trip Lessons To Save Grandma During House Fire

HESPERIA ( — A field trip to the Phelan fire station to learn safety lessons last week may have saved 5-year-old Nathaniel Stocks' life.

"I don't think it was a coincidence. I think it was a God thing," said mom Brianna Stocks.

Stocks wasn't home when her son's room caught fire last Friday night - but his grandma was.

"I think he saved our lives for sure," Kimberly Ratliff said. "I have no doubt I was sound asleep."

Nathaniel used a recent fire house lesson to "stop, drop and roll" and then crawled to his grandma's room.

"Nice thing about Nathaniel he remembers everything," said Ratliff. "He's a really smart kid and pays attention."

Nathaniel even remembers what his Nanny said when he woke her up.

"She said a bad word," he recalled.

One look around the home and you too might've said a bad word: the place is charred.

In the middle of the family's burned-up things is something they suspect caused the fire, a space heater.

"My mom said she checked it before he went to bed and we had it on low medium," said Stocks. "Not sure how it caught really."

One thing is for sure - the San Bernardino Fire Department is now calling Nathaniel a hero.

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