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Both sides blame the other for brawl in downtown LA's Santee Alley

Owner of Santee Alley clothing store center of brawl says business has dropped since altercation
Owner of Santee Alley clothing store center of brawl says business has dropped since altercation 02:55

It was a back-alley brawl in the middle of a popular shopping destination and it all started with an argument inside a store that spilled outside, where a security guard has since been posted. 

Some of the people involved said the fight in downtown LA's Santee Alley was set off by racial profiling and epithets, but about the only thing both sides agree on was that they were defending themselves against one another. 

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Karina Garcia, the owner of Glam By KS, showed CBSLA new video that she said shows her brother-in-law, wearing a black hat, being attacked by the man with the crutches. Garcia herself, seen in the video wearing a black tank top and pants, jumps into the fray. 

With the help of a translator, she explained why she got involved. 

Cellphone video captured parts of the brawl that broke out in downtown LA's Santee Alley. 

"The guy with the crutch already hit her brother-in-law in the face," she said through the translator. "First instinct, when she seen the brother-in-law get hit was to get something to scare them, but she didn't hit anybody." 

The fight outside Garcia's store went viral on social media. In another video, you can see fists flying, hair being yanked and trashcans and crutches being used as weapons. 

Karissa Nachor is the girlfriend of the man with the crutches. She said all this started after she and her family were standing outside the store next to Glam By KS, when the owner asked them to move. 

"I was in shock how disrespectful he was, boyfriend was on crutches," Nachor said. 

She insists they weren't blocking the entrance and said that store owner got aggressive. 

"He pushed my boyfriend. He called him the N-word multiple times and he used the 'er' at the end, so we all know which word that is," she said. 

Garcia said her brother-in-law never used a derogatory word against him. 

"She's saying that's false information, because including in the video, you could hear where the black man...he starts insulting the next door owner, which is her brother-in-law," said Garcia's translator. 

Nachor, however, said that didn't happen and that her fun weekend family trip from Oakland turned into a nightmare. 

"We wanted to enjoy it a lot, as much as we can before we headed back home. Our 1-year-old daughter was also pepper sprayed. It was just bad, you know," she said. 

Days after the fight, Garcia said her store was being trashed on social media, with people suggesting that she's a racist and that fewer customers are coming to the shop. 

"We are not racist. Fifty percent of our customers are African Americans. The other are mixed, so there is no reason for us to be racist for customers when we live from them," she said. 

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department said they are reviewing security footage and are attempting to set the record straight, as to who started the fight. 

In the meantime, Garcia said she planned to have extra security this weekend because one of her employees was threatened on social media. 

As for Nachor, she said she said that on Friday she was going to meet with a lawyer to talk about their legal options as it concerns the back-alley brawl. 

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