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CHP Warns Bikers Against Dangerous Freeway Stunts

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — Riverside County drivers are outraged about dangerous motorcycle stunts they say are a hazard to motorists.

Hundreds of bikers out for a drive were seen on cell phone video Sunday, one of them popping a wheelie.

"They are insane. They're going to cause a death — their own or somebody else's," driver Patrick Baccam said.

A driver caught up in the swarm ended up at an underpass in Riverside with a shattered windshield and hand-prints on the dash. Police told CBS2/KCAL9 a fight happened between the driver and bikers, who took off.

The CHP says an officer tried to break up a group of riders on the freeway Sunday but felt unsafe and backed off.

"There are not enough CHP out there to stop them," Baccam said.

In July, Leslie Elliott, 28, stood on his seat to perform a stunt and fell and then died.

The CHP said bikers could face felony charges if they cause a major accident. They urge riders to rent a parking area to practice stunts.

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