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Beverly Grove Resident Says Yorkie Was Attacked By Pit Bull In Front Of Homeless Encampment

BEVERLY GROVE (CBSLA) - A man is distraught after his beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Dexter, was attacked by a Pit Bull that jumped out from a homeless encampment on the sidewalk and bit him several times.

It happened Tuesday morning at Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile. Dexter's owner, who only wanted to go by Freddy, said the small dog has bite wounds all over his body.

"I'm just praying that this traumatic experience he'll get over," said Freddy. "But I'm not sure."

Shortly after the attack, Freddy said another person in a tent started threatening him with a metal pipe.

Freddy took Dexter to the veterinarian, who said he did not sustain major internal injuries. But Dexter is having a difficult time walking because of a wound on his leg. Freddy also said Dexter is traumatized and did not eat for two days after the attack, until Thursday afternoon.

Freddy is speaking out as a warning to other pedestrians and dog owners. He believes it is not safe anymore for people and animals in Beverly Grove.

He believes the city and local government officials should be doing more to ensure the safety of housed citizens, adding it is not fair that pet owners have to register and vaccinate their animals while the homeless population is allowed to have dogs unregistered.

After the attack, Freddy called the police. Officers said they would talk to the owner of the Pit Bull and animal control. Freddy said he called the City of Los Angeles Animal Services as well but they have not gotten back to him.

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