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Best Sports Leagues To Join In Los Angeles

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Youth and adults participate in athletics to experience the excitement of team sports. Optimum physical fitness is one of the positive results of engaging in a sports activity with commitment. When it comes to athletic performance, sports leagues offer an outlet of a wide range of dedicated programs to help athletes advance in their athletic skills based on their level of expertise. Beginners and advanced athletes can enjoy participation with their peers while honing their skills in their favorite sport. Sports leagues offer a wide range of programs that include football, baseball, hockey and more. Here are some of L.A's best sports leagues offering unique athletic programs for youth and adults to enjoy.

ZogSports Soccer_Kondrath_090714_0392
(credit: Zog Sports)

Zog Sports L.A.
3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 1133
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 464-2648

Zog Sports is the largest charity based sports league in America for athletes. Zog Sports provides programs where co-ed adults (over the age of 21) can learn sportsmanship and have fun together. Core values include team work, continuous improvement and having fun here are teams available to join based on different skill levels. Athletic programs are available across the board including basketball, bowling, dodgeball, football, kickball, soccer, softball and volleyball. Zog Sports is partnered with Play for the Cause, a nonprofit organization that uses its donations to benefit a variety of nonprofits.

hollywood curling
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Hollywood Curling

Hollywood Curling is a unique athletic club in Los Angeles dedicated to the sport of curling, a game similar to hockey meeting shuffleboard where players slide stones on ice. Classes are available on a regular basis and are set up to take place in the month of November at the L.A. Kings Valley Ice Center. School of Rocks is a youth program offered for middle and high school students where they become familiar with the sport of curling promoting teamwork, fitness and sportsmanship.

urban sports la
(credit: Steven L./Yelp)

Urban Sports L.A.

Based in the city of Los Angeles, Urban Sports LA (USLA) is a sports networking club for youth and adults. USLA provides a variety of sports activities including beer pong and motorcycle polo. Volleyball and soccer events take place on Sundays. Sports activities available in the program include flag football, volleyball, soccer and basketball. More whimsical activities like bubble soccer, scavenger hunts, flip cup and other fun athletic events take place during USLA's Sunday Fundays series. Competitions lead up to their annual L.A. Great Urban Race, a competition that was created based on the idea of the popular television series "The Amazing Race."

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rugby league
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Santa Monica Rugby Club

Several UCLA graduate students thought of an idea to create a community Rugby club in the heart of Santa Monica some years ago. After a successful launch, the club continues to thrive as a popular athletic club with men, women and youth squads participating in the club's variety of sports activities. Training programs and group competitions are all part of the activities promoted at this unique athletic club.

beach bocce ball league
(Credit: Eugene Sergeev/Shutterstock)

Beach Bocce Ball League

Bocce Ball is a fun beach sport that is highlighted in this league. The sport consists of balls and a marker with a set of rules that draws people to join the regular competitions promoted through the league while enjoying  a nice sunny day at the beach. Jerry Torgerson, Bocce commissioner, is passionate about Team Bocce and supporting efforts to further future championships. Team Bocce meets on Tuesday nights in Venice Beach for practice sessions.

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