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Best Lingerie Boutiques In Los Angeles For Valentine's Day Gifts

For some women, flowers or candy are just fine for Valentines's Day. For others, though, only something a little sexier will, uh, do the trick. For these, shopping at one of Los Angeles' better lingerie boutiques is the answer. But where to start? Certainly not at the generic mall store, oh no. You really need to check out some of the unique, specialized stores. Let's briefly tour a few of the best of these. This will make your shopping experience both fun and adventurous.
Panty Raid
1953 Hillhurst Ave.
LA, CA 90027
(323) 668-1888

Panty Raid believes "bodies are unique and shaped differently, and so are bras. Some cuts and styles will flatter your shape and some won't." So how can you know the difference? That's the whole point of a specialty shop like Panty Raid. This where you can go to find the bra that will truly fit your mate.

What Katie Did
3420 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(877) 221-2472

Perhaps you're looking for a gift that's stood the test of time, so to speak. If so, then What Katie Did in Burbank may be the perfect shopping spot. Katie Thomas founded this store in 1999, with the intent of providing the bet faux vintage lingerie. It offers the kind you would associate with movies from the 40s and 50s.

Trashy Lingerie
402 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 652-4543

Some guys (and also many girls) like their loving a little on the wild side. That's nothing to be ashamed of; it's just the way it is at times. Trashy Lingerie, on La Cienega, appeals to those turned on by the trashy side of lingerie. This is a 'members only' store, that specializes in huge selection of corsets and costumes. You can get just the right mask, for example.

Only Hearts
1407 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90402
(310) 393-3088

Only Hearts was founded by Helena Stuart in 1978, beginner with her "Inner Outerwear" line. Now, she works with her daughter, creating everything from sleep wear to sexy sweet undies. Celebrity customers include Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson. However, they're also cool enough for you.

Janette Bras
11300 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 966-4050

Janette Goldstein, the founder of Janette Bras, is out to fight what she terms "mall bra syndrome." These bra providers seem to be all about, not "fitting bras to our bodies," but "they expect our bodies to fit their limited selection of bras." No limited selection here. This is the place to get the right bra, the first time.

By Dan MacIntosh

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