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Best LA Food Instagram Accounts

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Instagram has become the go to spot for those looking for delicious food, food modeling sessions and pretty much anything having to do with it. A good food photo whets the appetite and primes the palate in a warm-up that is so satisfying that we might as well be looking at a banquet table. The following is a list of the best LA Instagram accounts to follow for food. These are experts at where to go, and what to eat across Los Angeles. Whether it's at a restaurant or their own recipe, they have you covered.

Started by Caroline Kostiuk and her husband, the duo are fanatical about new dining spots in the LA area. Caroline's Instagram feed showcases most of her own recipes and some of her stops at local food and coffee shops. It's so fresh and vibrant, you can almost feel the warmth, the love and, of course, taste the food coming out of her kitchen.

Started by a 21-year-old track-and-field athlete at UCLA, you wouldn't expect Josh Scherer to be one of LA's hottest Instagrammers. In fact, this documenter-of-the-delicious not only takes mouth-watering photos of his food, he's also involved in various editorial content related to food in LA. You'll find posts from his own recipes as well as other places he finds interesting around town. With 52,300 followers, you know he's the real deal.

Los Angeles' cocktail revolution has revolutionized the bar scene as of recent. With funky and interesting drinks, cocktail photos and their recipes have made it on social media. One of the pioneers of the movement is Matthew Biancaniello's, whose Instagram feed offers a ton of great pics of drinks that will make you want to stop by the nearest bar. Biancaniello has been part of the city's libation transformation. His creations, captured in rich, tantalizing detail, highlight the best of what he's doing for the drink/food scene. He also lovingly photographs the farmers who make it all possible.

Food GPS began as a blog, but soon became a huge hit as an Instagram account as well. Josh Lurie started his where-to-go guide back in 2005, and has since consumed most of what LA has to offer. His Instagram feed features a rich medley of snaps of these spreads. From the everyday to the exotic, 45,000 people follow Josh to find out where and what they should be eating.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in LA, eat as the Angelenos do. And since Eddie Sanchez is a native, he's uniquely qualified to be your concierge. Eddie's Instagram account, HungryInLA, is aptly named. It's virtually impossible to scroll through without feeling famished. Featuring his own recipes neatly layed out as well as photos from top spots across LA, you'll have food envy for weeks, if not months or years!

You can tell Julie Lee is a professional food photographer from the second you click on her Instagram account. Her images of at-home meals and stunning arrangements of farmers market-fresh foods are works of art. Julie even sells prints of her pics on her website. From beautiful photos from the Santa Monica Farmers Market to photos from the Veggie Grill, you can tell that Venice is her inspiration and most likely where she snaps away. Make sure to join her 145,000+ followers!

Your Instagram account can't be named @lafoodie if you don't have some serious street credibility. And that's exactly what Ben and Lisa Waters have. They eat everything around town just to make you feel jealous that it's not your job to sample food and take photos of it. The insatiable couple crosses the city, documenting their quest for the consumable, and they post the pictures to make you jealous. Whether it's a new opening or a hole-in-the-wall with a great reputation, their impeccable photos will bring you along for the ride and give you great ideas for the next spot to visit when you're looking for the next big restaurant.

Red Bread is Rose Lawrence's kitchen and bakery, supplying Westside farmers markets (and mail­order customers), organic, heritage grain and long­fermented breads and baked goods. It's a lucky thing this e­grocer delivers; the sumptuous photos of what's coming out of the oven are nearly irresistible. Follow @redbread for artistic inspiration and also ideas on what to order next.

Natassia Johnson's Instagram account is all about the best desserts you'll find around LA. And, don't think you're going to get low-quality photos here. The photos are so great that it just adds another element of food envy as you scroll through her profile. Her feed is a sugar high of all the glistening confections you've heard about in LA, and many more that are about to become the next big thing. No one samples sweets like Johnson. Her photos are good enough to eat. Follow her feed if you're ready to do dessert right.

As director of dineLA's Restaurant Week, you know Stacey Sun can tell you a thing or two about food. So can her scrumptious snaps of the entire array of what the Los Angeles culinary scene has to offer. From street food to the upper echelons of fine dining, follow her Instagram account, @TheStaceySun, to find your next meal.

Man cannot live on foie gras and caviar alone (unfortunately). In a vast, mouthwatering forest of food accounts, Zach Brooks' @midtownlunchla showcases where to eat on the cheap from great spots around LA, including Vietnamese restaurants and more. Brooks has been at this awhile and the host of the @foodisthenewrock podcast has an insider's eye (and connections) to what's happening in the food world. In addition to his covetable lunch coverage, find photos a-plenty of recognizable faces, out-of-town eats, and a few high-end dinners, too.

Shawna Dawson, from Pasadena's LA Street Food Fest, gathers the best of the stands, trucks and take-away from all over LA, and puts them together in one giant food festival every summer at the Rosebowl. The rest of the time, she's documenting forays at farmers markets, fun food-related sights (and sites) she's seen, and of beautiful food composition she's about to put in her belly.

Rick Poon is a professional travel and food photographer, which is immediately
apparent as soon as you click onto his Insta feed. The images could easily be pulled
from any of the world's most visually arresting glossy magazines. Not only are the
photos delicious, they're also geo­tagged, which makes it delightfully easy to follow in Rick's proverbial footsteps.

Sqirl, Jessica Koslow's 800 ­square ­foot Silver Lake eatery, draws huge crowds for her "resolutely market­ driven" menu items. Her Instagram account, featuring her food and the farms it comes from, gets a lot of attention, too. Aside from including beautiful photographs from the restaurant, she also features a little from real life, too.

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