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Best Banh Mi In Orange County

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If you are looking for good food that will fill you up and not break the bank, try some banh mi. Banh mi in Vietnamese means all kinds of breads. In the West, the term refers to a type of meat-filled sandwich on banh mi bread, found in Vietnamese bakeries. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting this delicious sandwich here is a list covering some of Orange County's local hot spots.

(credit: Top Baguette)

Top Baguette
9016 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 379-7726

The Top Baguette banh mi shop in Westminster is receiving rave reviews from locals. The banh mi is consistent in its texture, the restaurant is clean and the owner is hands on overseeing the building of hundreds of banh mi every day. Top Baguette feels quaint like a coffee shop so you may want to stay and eat instead of taking the meal to go. The veggies are lightly pickled and they complement the sandwich instead of overpowering. The meats are lean and flavorful and the eggs are fresh. Some favorites at Top Baguette are the rotisserie banh mi with fried egg, the tuna banh mi with egg inside and BBQ pork banh mi.

OC Rotesserie Market
(credit: OC Poultry and Rotisserie Market)

OC Poultry & Rotisserie Market
2117 E Ball Rd.
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 780-0225

Customers say the secret to great tasting banh mi at the OC Poultry and Rotisserie Market is to add a fried egg to every sandwich. The lemongrass beef is very tasty with a hint of sweetness. The lemongrass flavor is not overpowering. The beef is also a good quality USDA meat. This market is a mom-and-pop shop and the service is very good. The owners take care of their customers and make you feel at home. The store is described as a cross between a minimart and grocery store and customers are often pleasantly surprised when they discover the quality of the banh mi found at a market place.

East Borough
(credit: East Borough)

East Borough
2937 Bristol St., Ste D102
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 641-5010

The East Borough is a tiny place that serves up decent banh mi. It is described as a hipster joint more modern than the Vietnamese shops found in Little Saigon. The pork is flavorful not too fatty, tasty pickled veggies, and delectable garlicky mayo. The baguette strikes a subtle balance between a crunchy exterior and a soft, fresh interior. Throw in jalapenos, cucumber, and cilantro to top it. A bowl of beautiful colored hot peppers are placed on each table but be warned -- they are hot. The staff is friendly and kind and the restaurant has a clean quaint atmosphere. Customers of East Borough can also take advantage of the shopping center's valet service.

Tan Hoang Huong Food To Go
(credit: Tan Hoang Huong Food To Go)

Tan Hoang Huong Food To Go
5015 W Edinger Ave Ste H
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 531-2488

Locals claim Tan Hoang Huong is their favorite stop for a banh mi crawl. A popular sandwich is called the Mi Trung Op La (sunny side up egg banh mi sandwich). The Mi Trung Op La is a perfect banh mi for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack run. The egg is cooked perfectly with a slight runny yolk. The bread is fresh offering an awesome crunch when you bite into it with a soft center.

(credit: Nom Nom Truck)

Nom Nom Food Truck
(415) 413-3924

Nom Nom's became famous after competing on the Food Networks contest The Great Food Truck Race. The Nom Nom Truck is temporarily on hiatus in Southern California, but they have such a following you should bookmark the website and be one of the first to know when they return. The food truck is woman-owned by Misa Chien and Jen Gimlet whose goal is to make their customers -- called Nomsters -- happy by bringing fresh Vietnamese fare to the masses. The Nom Nom truck offers choices of meats like chicken, or pork and vegetarian versions with tofu. Each sandwich is layered with mayo, cucumbers, jalapenos, pickled carrots, radishes and cilantro.

Michelle Mears-Gerst is a writer in Southern California who recently discovered the scrumptious banh mi sandwiches. BBQ Pulled Pork and Lemongrass Beef are her favorites.


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