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Ask An Expert: How To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays

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As the leaves start to turn and temperatures drop, it's fun to incorporate some festive holiday decorations into the home. Janetta Burt Melendez, owner and operator of It Should Be Easy, gives her tips on how to get your living space ready for the holiday season in no time.

Janetta Burt Melendez
It Should Be Easy
Southern California

As an executive assistant for more than 10 years, Janetta Burt Melendez was a filing, editing and multitasking machine. She would also spend weekends organizing her friends' offices, garages and businesses for fun. Yeah, it's her passion, and her personal gift to the world. As a child, she would sit for hours sorting crayons, pennies or beads...anything, really. In college, as a librarian assistant for the university's science and math libraries, she shelved books all day - her alphanumeric filing capabilities are unrivaled. She even spent a couple years as a roadie for her friend's band, where she honed not only her surprising upper arm strength, but also her ability to Tetris equipment into a truck better than anyone. She is a photographer, part-time dabbler and a fan of the arts - all of it! Art feeds her soul, and she sees it in everything around her.

If your home is in need of some reorganizing and cleansing, contact Burt-Melendez to make it a pain-free and gratifying process.

Decorate With Festive, Edible Ingredients

"Nothing says 'winter is coming, and it's cozy' more than a big bowl of mixed nuts in the shell and a nutcracker. It is fun for the whole family and looks and tastes great, too. You can also use fresh squash and pie pumpkins that you can later use for cooking as part of a center arrangement on your table. It can be changed out as often as you eat them."

Simmer Cinnamon, Cloves And Dehydrated Fruit

Decorate your home with more than just visual details and add some festive aroma to your living space. Burt-Melendez suggests, "Simmer cinnamon, cloves and some dehydrated fruit in water over the stove to fill your house with more fall deliciousness. Or better yet, make yourself some mulled wine, hot apple cider, hot toddies or hot chocolate. Use quality ingredients from your local farmer's market so it is an extra special and delicious treat."

Fill Vases With Colorful, Natural Ingredients"Consider taking two cylindrical vases of different sizes, one inside the other, with dried beans, lentils, popcorn kernels or cranberries filled in between the two vases. Use the inner vase for flowers, or just nestle a big candle in the larger vase, whichever you prefer."

Brighten Up Rooms With Fall Colors

"Using fresh flowers in fall colors of yellow, orange and red, rather than dried leaves, will bring something fresh and alive to your home."
Decorate And Cuddle Up With A Faux Fur Throw Blanket

"Get yourself a faux fur throw blanket or rug for a wintery look and snuggly feel. Watch movies with your blanket by the fireplace, and you're set," suggests Burt-Melendez. The blanket will add some fall flare to your living space, whether you are wrapped up in it or have it draped over furniture

Stacy Brecht is a professional writer, publicist, dancer and model in the Los Angeles area. Brecht also enjoys traveling, wine, fitness training, live music, movies and trying new restaurants. Her work can be found at

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