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Arcadia Police Go High-Tech To Round Up Package Thieves

ARCADIA ( — Thieves stealing packages off front porches has gotten out of hand.

If the Arcadia police have their way, the long arm of the law is going to bust you.

Cindy Liu of Arcadia has been the unfortunate victim of package thieves.

"It says it's been delivered, but it's not gotten here," she said of one of her packages.

Fret no more. She and many of her neighbors were glad to learn that Arcadia police have a high-tech weapon up their sleeves.

They have been leaving phony packages on porches to lure thieves. And those packages contain a GPS device to track every move.

The police know where the package is at all times.

"I'm really glad because I have packages coming almost every day," said Liu.

The program has been in existence for two years but it was really put to the test Thursday evening.

They placed a dummy package in the 1600 block of Holly Street and said it was picked up by 27-year-old Christopher Cook.

He led officers on a chase in a stolen car. The suspect ended the chase and ran into a movie theater in South Gate, where police were able to apprehend him.

"I like that. 'Cause we order stuff, and we're never home. So, it's a good thing," said Arcadia resident Newton Wong.

Police said that since they have implemented the bait-package program, more than 100 people have been nabbed.

"This program has been quite successful for us. And it wouldn't have been possible without the partnership that we have with the community," says Arcadia police Lt. Ray Nakamura.

While police don't want to reveal too much about the bait program, neighbors say they're glad it's being used and that it's working.

"I'm glad the police are doing their job and catching these guys, tracking them," says Daniel Prado.

Cook faces multiple felony charges, including evading police.

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