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Animal Lover Trying To Raise Money To Help Paralyzed Dog Walk Again

SUN VALLEY ( —  Romeo was diagnosed with Wobbler Syndrome, leaving him practically paralyzed and unable to walk.

Tina Marie Lythgoe -- who runs an animal rescue and charity in Sun Valley called Josh and His Critters --  has been in his corner and has treated Romeo to acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage. Lythgoe has been rescuing animals for 30 years but few have touched her the way Romeo has.

She was able to raise funds so that Romeo -- a young Doberman -- could have a very dangerous surgery. The surgery was a success, but Romeo now requires months of intensive rehab and physical therapy. She's set up a GoFundMe page to help in his rehab.

"I will jump through fire and crawl through broken glass just to help an animal. I've been this way since birth," Lythgoe says.

Tina and Romeo
(credit: Tina Marie Lythgoe)

Any and all donations are welcome. She's raised about $1,100 of about $8,000 needed for just one month of his two month rehab needs.

"We want to see Romeo walk again and have the happy life he was meant to live," wrote one of Lythgoe's supporters.

For more information about Josh and His Critters, click here. You can also friend Josh on Facebook.

For more about Romeo's GoFundMe link, click here.

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