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Alleged 'Hollywood Hacker' Pleads Guilty To Wiretapping, Felony Charges

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The alleged "Hollywood Hacker" pleaded guilty Monday to hacking into the e-mail accounts of several celebrities.

Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Fla., faces up to 60 years in prison for unauthorized computer access, wiretapping and other felony charges when he's sentenced July 23.

The case, which allegedly involves as many as 50 victims — including Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis — was dubbed "Operation Hackerazzi."

Investigators believe Chaney, who was arrested in October, used publicly available information about celebrities to gain access to their email accounts.

KNX 1070's Pete Demetriou reports one legal analyst expects the case may have civil ramifications for corporations as well.


"Experts are going to be testifying in court that this particular company really didn't implement the traditional standard protections to make sure that their customers' privacy's not invaded," KNX 1070 legal analyst Royal Oakes said.

Oakes said the judge may make Chaney serve significant time because of the number of cases involved and the sheer scope of the charges.

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