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Caught On Video: Naked Man Burglarizes Bel-Air Home Before Coming Face To Face With Unsuspecting Homeowner

BEL AIR (CBSLA) - Home security cameras captured video of a burglar, who was naked for most of the time, taking a swim in the pool and walking around inside a Bel Air home Friday before coming face to face with the homeowners.

Mat Sabz, who owns the home on Casiano Road and lives there with his wife and two young children, said he was upstairs taking a shower and changing when his wife called, saying she could see a man in their house on the Ring security cameras. Moments later, Sabz came face to face with the intruder.

"All of a sudden, I'm face to face with a man...with a shirtless man. So, my initial reaction was just to scream and say, 'Hey, what are you doing in my house?' hoping that he would just go away or say that he got the wrong house, but he said it was his house and he said he was going to call the police on me," Sabz told CBSLA's Laurie Perez.

Sabz and the intruder, 34-year-old Paul Kiyan exchanged words before the homeowner jumped off the second floor balcony onto his car and called police.

Fortunately, Sabz's wife and children, both under the age of 5, were not at home at the time.

Police arrived and were able to detain Kiyan who continued to insist that he belonged there and it was his home.

Officers, according to Sabz, said that suspect is homeless and he gained access to the house using a garage door opener left in an unlocked car. Sabz also said that after the incident when his two children eventually came home, they discovered that their pet birds were dead. He later saw Kiyan recorded on security video killing the birds.

"It could've been a lot worse if my kids were home," Sabz said. "I mean, this man was crazy. He had a serial killer face when he killed those animals with a smile. It doesn't matter where you live, how safe the neighborhood is...a random act can find its way to your house."

The family's neighbors said it's not the first time an unhoused person has gotten into nearby homes, but they hope it will be the last.

Andy Harwood, a neighbor, said after he heard about the incident, he brought in the garage door opener from his second car.

Another neighbor, Eric Haymes, made his stance on the break-in clear.

"That is a little shocking, that's a pretty bold move on his part. I mean, he's lucky he didn't break into our house. That's all I'll say," Haymes said.

Kian is in custody and is being held on $50,000 bail.

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