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Member Of Oxnard Family Ambushed In Mexico Speaks Out

OXNARD ( — Relatives of the Ramos family ambushed in Mexico last month are trying to come to terms with the tragedy.

"They don't deserve nothing like this … they aren't bad kids," said Tiffany Rodriguez, two of the victims' cousin.

Four members of the Ramos family were on vacation in the Mexican state of Michoacan when bullets riddled their SUV on July 31.

Bruno Ramos, 18, his father, brother and uncle were in the vehicle. They all got hit by gunfire. His uncle, Ramon, a Mexican citizen, was riding in the backseat. He was killed instantly.

"My cousin, Jesus, he was the driver. And a car stopped in front of them," Rodriguez said. She blames members of a Mexican drug cartel. "I couldn't believe it. And I told my mom. I told my sisters. We're devastated."

The three survivors were transported to San Diego. Bruno was placed in a medically induced coma. Rodriguez said her cousin is now able to breath on his own.

His brother Jesus, 19, is recovering at home in Oxnard. Rodriguez said a bullet struck him in the center of his head, but it didn't penetrate his skull. She said it's a miracle he's still alive.

The family is trying raise money to help pay for the victims' medical expenses. A GoFundMe account and the community have collected $57,000.

Rodriguez says the gunmen may have mistaken her family for other people. Mexican Police are investigating.


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