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2 teenagers riding e-bikes arrested for violently assaulting homeless woman in Ventura

2 teens riding e-bikes arrested for violently attacking homeless woman in Ventura
2 teens riding e-bikes arrested for violently attacking homeless woman in Ventura 02:15

Two teenagers have been arrested for allegedly assaulting a homeless woman while she was sleeping in Ventura and the entire attack was caught on camera. 

The video, which shows several juveniles on e-bikes as they violently attacked the 66-year-old woman, was brought to the attention of Ventura Police Department officers on Monday as it began to circulate on social media, police said in a statement. 

Investigators say that the attack happened on Main Street, underneath the Highway 33 overpass. 

Another person living nearby says that the woman, who remains unidentified, is peaceful and has been living in the area for about two years. 

"Hasn't harmed anyone," the man said. 

With the help of the public, investigators were able to identify two of the suspects and on Friday search warrants were served at multiple locations, resulting in the arrest of two boys aged 13 and 14 years old. 

They also seized evidence from the locations, which included e-bikes, the VPD statement said. 

"Following the social media post, detectives continue to receive multiple calls from other residents reporting to be victims of previous attacks involving a group of juveniles on e-bikes," police noted. 

As such, several investigations have been opened and detectives are actively working to learn more about each to determine if the two suspects were also involved in those incidents. 

"The Ventura Police Department would like to remind the community and parents that there are strict rules governing the use of e-bikes, which includes use by juveniles," the statement said. 

Other videos show similar incidents, with a group of e-bike riders punching and kicking someone in what appeared to be a seemingly unprovoked attack, which is just another in a long string of issues currently plaguing Southern California. 

Hermosa Beach law enforcement is looking to crack down on unruly e-bike riders, while Orange County authorities are similarly looking to regulate the use of the popular sensation taking the youth by storm. 

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