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Military Jets To Fly Test Run In Preparation For Endeavour's Arrival

LOS ANGELES ( — In preparation for the arrival of the retired space shuttle Endeavour, two military jets will be conducting a test run over Los Angeles Saturday morning.

The two planes, a T-38 and F-18, will be flying at 8 a.m., testing the routes and taking pictures to set up logistics for next month's high-profile flight.

"It will be determined after the flight this weekend, and if so, the shuttle carrier aircraft, which is a big 747 jet with a shuttle on top, would fly at the same altitude of what the jets are this weekend—only 1500 feet above ground level," NASA spokesman Michael Curie told KNX 1070.


NASA announced last year the shuttle will retire in California, the state it was built in.

"NASA has promised to deliver Endeavor to the California Science Center via LAX on the morning of September 20," Curie said.

The Endeavour will be transported from LAX to Exposition Park and will be housed in a temporary hanger at the Science Center until it can be moved to a new wing that is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

The center announced in May the foundation of businessman and philanthropist Samuel Oschin, who died in 2003, donated an "extraordinary" amount to build the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center.

The new wing will not only house the shuttle; it will also contain exhibits focused on scientific and engineering principles related to atmospheric flight and the exploration of space.

The Endeavor was built in Palmdale to replace the destroyed Challenger shuttle in 1987. It was completed in 1991.

During its 25 flights, the Endeavour traveled 115 million miles.

"It's a majestic site; it's very impressive," Curie said for those who will be able to see the test flights over the weekend. "Hopefully, we can pull that off."

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