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Home-Invasion Suspect in Custody, Another On the Loose After Homeowner Defends Himself With Martial Arts

SANTA ANA ( — When two home invasion suspects entered the property of a Santa Ana homeowner early on Friday morning, the owner of the property quickly turned the tables on the suspects, using his martial arts training to steal their weapon.

When Erickson Dumaul encountered two men who had broken onto his property, he wrestled a gun from one of the suspects, while also fighting off attacks from the second intruder.

Dumaul's sister and young nephew were in the house, triggering his instincts to fight the intruder, who fought back.

"He doesn't want to do, neither do I," he said. "Who wants to die?"

Dumaul shot one of the men during the struggle. When that man tried to escape through a gate, Erickson followed him, pistol-whipped him, and also kicked and punched him.

But the fight didn't end there.

The suspect continued to try to escape, and Dumaul dragged him to his backyard pool and pushed him in. When the suspect tried to grab Dumaul, the homeowner shot him a second time in the leg.

The other suspect got away and was still at-large Friday night.

Police said they believe the two men were responsible for another robbery on a nearby street, that occurred just before the home invasion

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