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LAPD officers detain possible stolen vehicle suspect in Hollywood after ramming into police cruiser

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Authorities were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle suspect in Alhambra Monday evening. 

The pursuit began in Monterey Park at around 10 p.m. in the area of the 10 and 710 Freeways. 

It was not immediately known what prompted Los Angeles Police Department officers to prompt pursuit of the grey Toyota. 

The pursuit ended at around 10:20 p.m., after the suspect attempted to exit the 101 Freeway into Hollywood after driving through Downtown Los Angeles. 

As they continued to drive up the offramp, they were halted by several cars waiting to exit the freeway, causing the vehicle to come to a stop before switching the car into reverse and slamming into the LAPD cruiser following closely behind. 

The collision brought the pursuit to a stop, prompting a very brief standoff in which the suspect refused to exit their vehicle. 

Just after 10:35 p.m., officers -- blocked by riot shields -- began to move in on the suspect, breaking the rear windows of the vehicle to prepare to drag them from the car. 

The suspect promptly surrendered and was taken into custody without further incident. 


Officers move in, blocked by shields; Suspect surrenders

Pursuit suspect on NB 101 Freeway in custody 00:53

After several minutes, LAPD officers - blocked by riot shields - moved in on the driver. 

They broke the back windows out, preparing to drag the driver from the vehicle before she opened the door and surrendered. 

She was taken into custody without further incident. 

By CBSLA Staff

Traffic stopped for miles behind spot of pursuit crash

End of stolen vehicle pursuit backs up traffic on NB 101 Freeway 00:48

Sky9 overhead showed hundreds of cars being held on the northbound 101 Freeway, as LAPD officers work to prevent injury to uninvolved civilians in the case of further action from the suspect.

By CBSLA Staff

Suspect visibly agitated, refusing to exit vehicle

End of stolen vehicle pursuit 02:11

As dozens of LAPD officers gather behind the suspect's vehicle following the conclusion of the pursuit, Sky9 has shown that the person is visibly agitated. 

By CBSLA Staff

LAPD orders spike strips at top of freeway exit

End of pursuit collision 01:04

Following the end of the pursuit, when the suspect rammed an LAPD cruiser in reverse, officers have ordered spike strips at the top of the 101 Freeway exit in Hollywood to prevent him from further fleeing. 

By CBSLA Staff

Suspect rams into LAPD cruiser while in reverse

Pursuit suspect seen ramming police cruiser with backend of vehicle 00:46

As the suspect began to exit the 101 Freeway in Hollywood, he was held up by other traffic in the area, prompting him to put his car into reverse, where he slammed into an LAPD cruiser that was close behind him. 

Following the collision, the suspect stopped the vehicle and dozens of LAPD officers are gathered behind him. 

Smoke could be seen billowing from the rear-end of the suspect's vehicle. 

By CBSLA Staff

Chopper unable to follow due to Dodgers game no-fly zone

As the driver continues to head towards Downtown Los Angeles, Sky9 is unable to continue its pursuit of the stolen vehicle suspect due to the conclusion of the Los Angeles Dodgers game and the no-fly zone in place over the city until at least an hour after game time. 

By CBSLA Staff

Suspect driving erratically; Headed towards DTLA

With Sky9 overhead, the suspect of the reportedly stolen vehicle could be seen swerving in and out of uninvolved traffic, and traveling at high speeds along the I-10 Freeway, headed towards Downtown Los Angeles. 

By CBSLA Staff
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