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Assault suspect arrested following lengthy pursuit from Chula Vista to Anaheim

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Assault with deadly weapon suspect arrested after 100+ mile pursuit
Assault with deadly weapon suspect arrested after 100+ mile pursuit 01:40

Authorities were in pursuit of a driver wanted for unknown reasons Monday evening. 

Chula Vista Police Department officers began pursuit of the suspect after a reported assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. 

They handed the pursuit to California Highway Patrol officers as the suspect continued to travel through Southern California via both the 5 and 405 Freeways, heading through Riverside County and into Orange County.

The suspect was driving a white Kia Optima, which appeared to have suffered a flat tire on the front right, after officers performed a successful spike strip early in the pursuit. 

As the pursuit continued through Anaheim, the suspect eventually slowed to a stop as CHP officers prepared less-than-lethal weapons. 

Both sides of the 5 Freeway were temporarily closed due to the suspect's location, but southbound lanes reopened immediately after the situation came to a conclusion. 

Officers could be seen firing multiple rounds of pepper balls in the front window of the vehicle, releasing pepper-spray. 

Shortly after, the suspect exited his vehicle and a K9 unit was released. He jumped on the hood of the stolen vehicle before surrendering to CHP officers and San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies who had also gathered at the scene. 


Officers release K9; Suspect promptly surrenders

Suspect taken in custody after K-9 was deployed 00:59

After firing multiple rounds of pepperballs at the suspect, officers deployed a K9. 

As the dog ran at the suspect, he jumped onto the hood of his car before surrendering. 

He was quickly taken into custody by a slew of San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies who were also at the scene. 

By CBSLA Staff

Officers fire pepper balls at suspect

Sky2 overhead showed officers firing multiple rounds of pepper balls at the suspect. 

Pepper balls explode upon impact, and are traditionally filled with pepper-spray. 

CHP shoot pepper balls at suspect 00:45

The suspect drew the collar of his sweatshirt over his face after the smoke from the projectiles filled his car. 

By CBSLA Staff

Suspect stops vehicle in Anaheim; both sides of 5 Freeway closed

Police prepare for standoff, pull out less lethal equipment 01:48

The suspect brought the vehicle to a halt at around 7:35 p.m.

CHP officers could be seen behind the vehicle with firearms drawn, one officer could be seen prepping a non-lethal weapon. 

After briefly opening his driver's side door, he closed it again after a discussion with officers. 

By CBSLA Staff

Officers deployed spike strip, three good tires remain

Tire pops on pursuit vehicle 01:09

Sky2's Desmond Shaw learned that at some point early in the pursuit, officers deployed a spike strip which flattened the vehicle's front right tire.

By CBSLA Staff

Suspect reportedly slammed officer's cruiser with vehicle

CHP is in pursuit of a suspect accused of assaulting a police officer 01:29

Chula Vista PD revealed that officers were performing a routine license plate check when they learned the vehicle the suspect is driving came back as stolen. 

Upon their attempt to perform a traffic stop, the suspect rammed the police cruiser before fleeing from the area, prompting the pursuit. 

Neither of the officers occupying the cruiser were injured. 

By CBSLA Staff
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