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How to make a 'Squid Game' costume this Halloween (plus more great 'Squid Game' merch)

Squid Game
For a "Squid Game" player-inspired costume, you'll need a green or teal tracksuit, some white slip-ons, and the number of your choosing.  Youngkyu Park / Netflix

This year's Halloween season undeniably belongs to "Squid Game." The thriller series is Netflix's biggest series launch to date, and is the top show in 90 countries, with 111 million fans. But with severe delays in the supply chain, and shipping times stretching progressively longer, the stakes are getting higher in the competition to create that perfect show-inspired costume.

Netflix and Walmart recently struck a deal wherein the big-box retailer will carry Netflix show merchandise, including looks inspired by "Squid Game." But the collection has yet to be released. This means fans won't be able to buy official "Squid Game" player tracksuits in time for Halloween.

However, thanks to internet shopping and crafty DIY-ideas, creating a "Squid Game" costume is still possible, whether you're going as a player, staff member or that creepy Red Light, Green Light referee. Loving the show but not looking to rock a tracksuit this Halloween? Fans can also shop cool and eccentric "Squid Game" merch, including shirts, sweaters and even blankets.

From slip-on Vans to player's signature green tracksuits, here's how to build your own "Squid Game" costume (or just shop the merch). 

How to dress as a "Squid Game" player

Squid Game Player
Youngkyu Park / Netflix

The stakes are high this Halloween to see who can most accurately recreate a Squid Game player's look. The most important pieces will be a green tracksuit, a number of your choosing and a pair of white shoes. 

Men's green tracksuit 

Light in the box

This green tracksuit will work perfectly for any "Squid Game" player costume, or simply as workout wear. 

Men's green tracksuit, $39

Women's green tracksuit

green tracksuit

Or try this sweatsuit top with a funnel neck collar and the matching trousers from Missguided. 

Women's green tracksuit top, $29 (regularly $49)

Women's green tracksuit bottoms, $25 (regularly $42)

"Squid Game" iron-on numbers patch

Squid game iron on patch
ChachysArtistry / Etsy

Iron on your player's number to easily transform any tracksuit into an accurate costume.

"Squid Game" iron-on numbers patch, $12

White slip-on Vans

white vans

"Squid Game"'s popularity has caused sales for these slip-on shoes to spike. They're a great shoe for any activity, including cookie making, playing tug-of-war and trick-or-treating. 

White slip-on Vans, $50 

How to dress as a "Squid Game" staff member

squid game staff
Youngkyu Park / Netflix

The staff in "Squid Game" is dressed head to toe in what appear to be slightly more chic, red hooded tracksuits. Staffers are also equipped with intimidating masks adorned with a circle, triangle or square. To recreate a staff member's look, an all-red outfit and a mask of some kind will be the most essential pieces. 

Men's red tracksuit

Men's red tracksuit
Rambler via Amazon

A staffer's look is more of a challenge to recreate, but any hooded red sweatsuit, paired with the right accessories, should do the trick.

Men's red tracksuit, $39 and up 

Morphsuit mask 

$20 (regularly $26)
Morphsuits via Amazon

This morphsuit mask will help with that unsettling, faceless look the staff's masks give them.

Morphsuit mask, $23

Mr. Pen masking tape

Mr. Pen masking tape
Mr. Pen via Amazon

Whether it's a circle, triangle or square, recreate the spooky staff shapes with this masking tape.

Mr. Pen masking tape, $8

Met Your Match "Watchmen" costume

Met Your Match Watchmen Costume

Not interested in DIY-ing a costume? Try this one, loosely based on a "Squid Game" staff member's look.

Met Your Match "Watchmen" costume, $100

How to dress as the Red Light, Green Light robot 

Squid Game red light, green light

Still haunted by the first round in "Squid Game"? Looking for a relatively easy, yet still spooky, costume for this year? Try recreating the look of the robotic girl who enforces the rules in Red Light, Green Light.

Short sleeve Peter Pan collar blouse

Short sleeve Peter Pan collar blouse
French Toast via Amazon

This top has a vintage-inspired collar that will work perfectly with a "Squid Game" costume. But it can also blend in well with any wardrobe after Halloween. 

Short sleeve Peter Pan collar blouse, $8 and up

Sleeveless A-line swing dress

Sleeveless A-line swing dress
Graswe via Amazon

This dress can be layered over the collared blouse to achieve the Red Light, Green Light girl's look, or worn on its own purely for fashion purposes.

Sleeveless A-line swing dress, $19

Knee-high stockings

Knee-high white stockings
Satinior via Amazon

These stockings will help cement the school-girl style of that nightmare-inducing robot.

Knee-high stockings, $8 and up

More "Squid Game" merch available now

Squid Game

Already have a costume and just looking for merchandise, decor and accessories to celebrate this show? There are plenty of great products with "Squid Game" twists, including shirts, sweaters and even pillows. 

Player 456 pillow

Player 456 pillow

Creep up your home decor with this comfortable cushion, adorned with player 456's number. This pillow comes in two textures: a cozy soft-touch material or an eco-friendly feel, made from 45% recycled materials. 

Player 456 pillow, $26 and up 

"Squid Game" iconic squid fleece blanket

"Squid Game" Iconic Squid fleece blanket

Snuggle up with this sinister blanket to rewatch "Squid Game" yet again.

"Squid Game" iconic squid fleece blanket, $25

"Squid Game" iconic sweatshirt 

"Squid Game" Iconic sweatshirt

This simple sweatshirt, emblazoned with the ultra-recognizable and spine-chilling "Squid Game" insignia, will make a great wardrobe addition for year-round wear. 

"Squid Game" iconic sweatshirt, $30

Red Light, Green Light shirt

"Red Light, Green Light" shirt

Try not to get caught moving in this Red Light, Green Light shirt. 

Red Light, Green Light shirt, $20  

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