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Women Detained For Allegedly Vandalizing Dallas Police Headquarters With Red-Painted Hand Prints

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Vandals hit Dallas Police Headquarters with red paint on Thursday night.

It happened around 8:30 p.m., police said.

The vandals dipped their hands in red paint and then coated the walls, windows, posts and doors with their hand prints.

Red Paint Vandals
Red paint vandals strike Dallas Police Headquarters (CBS 11)

Two women were detained for questioning, but police said Friday, no arrests have been made.

The investigation remains active.

Police said shortly before the incident, about 30 people showed up at headquarters, but police don't know why at this point.

Police said they are looking for more suspects.

Dallas Police Association Headquarters was also hit with red hand prints.

There, vandals also wrote the words, "Blood is on your hands," on the sidewalk outside the Dallas Police Association building.

"Blood is on your hands" in paint on the sidewalk
"Blood is on your hands" in paint on the sidewalk outside DPA Headquarters (CBS 11)

DPA President Mike Mata shared the following statement:

"The actions that took place at the Dallas Police Association and Dallas Police Headquarters tonight were not about protesting but a display of criminal activity plain and simple. Any message that pushes the idea of murdering police officers is not a form of protest, it is a statement of hate. The Dallas Police Association will prosecute the offenders to the fullest that the law will allow. The Dallas Police Association and its leadership will not be intimidated by those wishing harm on the men and women of the Dallas Police Department. We will continue to protect and serve the citizens of Dallas without hesitation."

Late Thursday night, one of the groups that organized the protest, DSA North Texas Racial Justice Working Group, issued a statement to CBS 11 News:

"The purpose of tonight's event was to bring awareness to the 265-plus individuals who have been murdered at the hands of the police.  Blood is quite literally on DPD's hands, which is why red hand prints and washable paint were put on DPD."

Crews were seen beginning to remove the paint from Dallas Police headquarters shortly before 10:00 p.m.

Investigators are currently reviewing the surveillance cameras and are seeking witnesses.

Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Detective Andrea Kunzler at (214) 670-5813.

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