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Will The Snow Drought End?

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The Metroplex is currently in the midst of an epic snow drought.

During the last five years at Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW), a total of 0.3" of snow has been recorded. That includes the 0.2" that fell back on January 11.  This is the lowest 5-year snow total in the 120-year record.

There is another big snow coming to Texas:

  • Snow is forecast to start early Wednesday morning and go at least into the afternoon
  • Forecast models seem to all agree at this time (Monday afternoon) the heavy snow lands west/northwest of the Metroplex
  • Stay tuned, these forecasts could change
GEM Model
EURO model
GFS Model
RPM Model

Notice that while all five shown forecast models agree upon the general placement of the heavy snow band, they vary greatly on mow much.

Over the last few days leading up to this even the Global Forecast System (GFS) has shown the heaviest amounts (look at the 11" forecast for Jacksboro).

We wait for the event to start to unfold. Some epic snow is possible in our western counties from this event.

Check back here at CBSDFW.COM for updates on our forecast for the Metroplex.

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