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5 Valentine's Day Activities For Couples

By Crystal Hessong

Get out with your loved one this Valentine's Day and spend some quality time together. You don't have to opt for a traditional movie and dinner, either. Depending on your preferences as a couple, you have numerous options for a fun, exciting and unusual Valentine's Day this year. Check out these couples activities for some fresh ideas that won't cost a lot.

Visit an Art Museum

Take a look at love from an artistic perspective at a local art museum. These places tend to be quiet and contemplative, great if you really just want to spend time together in a quiet space. To get some fresh air with your art, find a local sculpture garden to walk through hand-in-hand while discussing the art pieces. Since many sculpture gardens are located in public parks, bring a picnic lunch for a relaxing, casual afternoon.

Recreate Your First Date

Couples who have been together for a while can renew the romance by recreating the first time they went out. Did you go to a movie and dinner? Meet up for a cup of coffee? Go all out. Even try to wear the same clothes and bring the same flowers as a gift. Laugh over the awkward conversations you likely had while you reflect on how you've grown as a couple.

Have a Spa Night

Enjoy spa night one of two ways. Visit a local spa and take advantage of a couples' package for massages and facials, or create your own spa at home. Enjoy luxuriating in a hot tub with scented candles in the room, or get steamy in a shower. Buy some body oil and give each other massages. You'll build bonds while relieving stress.

Bake (and Eat) Together

Nibbling on chocolate chips and getting cozy in the kitchen make baking an ideal Valentine's Day activity. Even new couples can enjoy baking cookies together and following up their efforts with eating the fruits of their labor while watching Netflix. What could be better than warm chocolate chip cookies with your loved one while watching great (or cheesy) movies?

Enjoy Nature

Romantic dates don't have to cost a fortune. This Valentine's Day, spend the day outside. The fresh air and sunshine can lift your spirits, and exploring new sights can create memories you'll have for the rest of your lives. Ride bikes. If you don't own any, many cities have hourly bike rentals in major pedestrian areas. Take a walk through a nature preserve or park. If you don't have a natural area nearby, just go for a walk in your neighborhood. At the end of the day, watch the sun set and stay outside to see the stars come out.

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