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TXA 21 Improving Signal Strength

Updated Jan.20, 2011

FORT WORTH (TXA 21) - TXA 21 has beefed up its over-the-air signal for viewers who watch with antennas.

The improvements mean a stronger signal that covers more area.  Crews have been working on the TXA 21 tower for several weeks in preparation for the switch, which will happen this month.

The increased signal strength should not affect cable and satellite TV subscribers.  But people who receive TXA 21 using antennas need to re-scan their digital TV tuners or converter boxes.

We switched to the new signal on Friday, January 21, 2011.

The stronger signal improves reception for many people who have had reception issues since the switch to digital television in June, 2009.

So, how do you go about doing a re-scan? suggests the following:

Run the "scan" function on your converter box or digital television set, usually on the remote control, labeled "set-up" or "menu" or some similar term. Consult the owner's manual for more detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan.

Click here to read more.

Have questions about your specific box?  Did you accidentally throw away the instructions?  Here are the manuals for the most popular models of converter boxes:

You can also check out this handy page from, which features instructions for many other kinds of converter boxes.

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