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Texas Couple's Board Game Pokes Fun At 2016 Election

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - If the historic 2016 election season is any indication, then the next four (or eight) years could be wild for our nation. But, while the actual campaigning took an emotional toll on many people, one Fort Worth couple is trying to put a lighter spin on things with a satirical board game.

Based on the design of the classic game Monopoly, those who play Trumped work their way around the board in a race for the White House. The goal is to buy and sell people of influence -- including members of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the media -- in an attempt to earn enough cash for a presidential campaign.

Similar to the rules of Monopoly, as a player's political influence grows, so do the charges that other players receive when they land on spaces within their opponent's "sphere of power." Players exchange cash until one of them has enough to purchase the presidency.

But it is not that easy. In order to buy the presidency, you have to land there first. If multiple players are stacked with cash, the game turns into a literal race for the White House.

Trumped Board Game
(credit: The Hocker Family)

Trumped is the brainchild of Alice and Gary Hocker, a Fort Worth couple who wanted a fun way to talk politics. "We couldn't even have a civilized discussion about the election with friends and family. Politics was becoming a barrier between people we loved and cared about," Alice Hocker explained. "So, it just came to me one day, why not turn all that anxiety and arguing into humor? We could make it a board game where we could all sit around and enjoy teasing each other over the hot buttons of the campaign."

While the gameplay mimics Monopoly, the real humor is found in the game's two decks of cards, drawn when players land on designated spaces. The cards provide twists and turns. Some are rewards: "Build that wall and make the other players pay for it! Collect $100 from each player." Other cards are penalties: "Your citizenship is under question. You're deported. Go directly to exile."

Trumped Board Game
(credit: The Hocker Family)

"Our whole motivation was to help friends and family to heal after the divisiveness of the 2016 election. We want everyone to come back together in a positive spirit of friendship and friendly competition," Alice Hocker added.

However, those who wish to play Trumped cannot do so quite yet. The Hockers have begun a Kickstarter page to earn funding for the project. The game can be purchased with a $19 pledge, or $49 for a deluxe edition with customized game pieces like an elephant and a donkey. The game will only be produced if enough people show interest and back the project.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page, read more information about the Trumped project and put some money toward getting your own copy of the game. The Hockers have only until February 16 to reach their $10,000 goal.

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