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Richardson ISD bus driver gets a special surprise from students

Richardson ISD bus driver gets a special surprise from students
Richardson ISD bus driver gets a special surprise from students 01:36

RICHARDSON — School Bus Drivers carry our most precious cargo, and on School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, some Richardson ISD Students wanted to do something special for their driver.   

"The kids came home a couple of weeks ago and had been talking about trying to do something nice for Mr. James, who is such a generous and thoughtful man. And they said, 'we need to give him something.' And I said, 'Well, what do you want to do?' And they said, 'Let's do a lemonade stand.' The children of the neighborhood all came together and put up a lemonade stand, and in one day they raised over $400 for Mr. James, the school bus driver, which I thought was fantastic." said parent Michelle Montague.  

So, on Tuesday, School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, the kids gave their driver James Fonteno the surprise — and surprised he was! 

"I'm shocked," said Fonteno. "I'm lost for words right now, and I'm not usually lost for words." 

Affectionately known as Mr. James to the kids, he has been driving this route for 10 years.  

"Mr. James takes this phrase precious cargo quite seriously. And the streets are a challenging place, especially when you're navigating a big bus like that, and children running around, it can be distracting. So, he has obviously done it quite well over the years, and he's garnered the hearts of a lot of kids and a lot of parents for operating with such peace and tranquility and a smile on his face at all times."  said Montague.  

Fonteno was very touched by the gift. 

"Thank you," he said. "I will never forget this day. It will be a day that will be registered in my heart until I leave this place called Planet Earth. I love you and thank you. And I'll see you all in the morning."

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