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What To Do Now If You Test Positive For COVID-19

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - When Matthew Kinzer of Dallas woke up Sunday, the symptoms had set in.

"I literally just felt like a truck had hit me. My whole body was aching, headache, sore throat," he said.

Despite getting fully vaccinated and boosted, Kinzer said he tested positive for COVID-19.

Finding a test wasn't easy.

Long lines at testing sites have led to wait times as long as 4 to 5 hours, but Kinzer said he lucked out and found an available appointment at a local pharmacy.

"I wanted to make sure what we did was correct," he said.

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Knowing what to do, though, can be difficult with both tests and treatments, like effective monoclonal antibody drugs, in short supply and CDC recommendations changing.

"A lot of people are getting sick, People are confused what to do. People are struggling to get testing," said Dr David Winter, an internal medicine physician at Baylor Scott & White.

You probably don't need a test, though, he says, because whether it's COVID-19 or the flu making you sick, the treatment is the same.

"If you're vaccinated, you have a healthy immune system, and your symptoms are mild, just stay home. Drink lots of water, get bed rest, and monitor your symptoms," he said.

You may need to go to a hospital, if you have increased weakness, confusion, or worsening shortness of breath.

"One way you can actually help them monitor that is these oxygen sensors," said Dr Winter, demonstrating a sensor that goes on your fingertip. "You can get one of these at the pharmacy. They don't cost that much and you can use this to test and see if your oxygen levels are going down. If your oxygen level goes down below 92, you need to contact somebody."

If after five days, you have no symptoms, the CDC says you can end your quarantine at home, as long as you wear a mask around others.

If you still have a fever or symptoms, you're advised to stay home until they clear up.

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