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Suspect arrested for multiple offenses in Garland and Mesquite

Suspect arrested for multiple offenses in Garland and Mesquite
Suspect arrested for multiple offenses in Garland and Mesquite 02:21

GARLAND, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Garland and Mesquite police are asking for the public's help, if they were approached by Justin Dejohn Smith.

Police said he physically and sexually assaulted several women the past two weeks and has since been arrested.

In broad daylight on Aug. 23, police say Smith came to an apartment community on Duck Creek Road in Garland, knocked on a woman's door and when she answered, Smith went inside and physically and sexually assaulted her. Then police said he stole several items and took the victim's car. 

The next day in Mesquite at an apartment complex in the 2700 block of U.S. Highway 80, another victim told police a man opened her car door and began restraining her. 

A few days later on Aug. 27, Mesquite police responded to a car wash in the 5900 block of Northwest Drive where a woman said she was washing her car when the suspect approached and began choking her inside her vehicle until police said a witness intervened and caused the suspect to get away. Mesquite police were able to locate the suspect in a nearby apartment complex where he was arrested. 

The two police departments connected the dots and used witness testimony that pointed to Smith being the perpetrator. 

"We interviewed the individual and as a result we were able to determine that this in fact was the person who was involved in our offense," said Lt. Richard Maldonado with the Garland Police Department. 

Meanwhile, those who live in the apartment community where the victim was abused in Garland are upset at this situation. 

"I don't understand why a man would just abuse a woman like that, it's just sick to see that," said Garland resident Zaletta Watson. "If you're just playing outside that could happen in the daylight, this can happen at night this can happen at noon, it can happen to anyone."

Police have this advice if you're in this situation. 

"We just want people to be aware of their surroundings at all times it doesn't matter where you're at you can be at home, you can be at your vehicle in a parking lot, you can be washing your car, it doesn't matter," said Maldonado, "Don't feel compelled to open the door, that door is a layer of protection, so if you're not aware of who they are, keep the door shut."

Smith is at the Dallas County Sheriff's Office facing several charges. Garland police charged him with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery. 

Mesquite police charged Smith with attempted murder, evading arrest and unlawful restraint. 

Contact either the Garland or Mesquite police departments if you have encountered Smith. 

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