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Spirit Airlines Bag Fees Max Out At $100

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Beginning Nov. 6, customers flying with Spirit Airlines can expect to pay as much as $100 for carry-on bags paid for at the boarding gate.

The move is meant to discourage flyers from waiting until they reach the boarding gate to purchase their bags. According to a release by the airline, doing so "slows the boarding process for all customers, delays flights, increases costs for the company, and ultimately results in higher fares for everyone."

For those who plan in advance and are part of the airline's "$9 Fare Club", checked bags can be purchased for as little as $20 online. Carry-ons can be purchased in a similar manner for $25.

"Our goal is for no customer ever to pay the $100 fee," said Spirit's Chief Operating Officer Tony Lefebvre in a released statement.  "Spirit offers our customers multiple opportunities to avoid this unnecessary fee and save money. By planning ahead and paying for bags before getting to the boarding gate, our customers are saving time at the airport and speeding up the boarding process. When our customers choose these time-saving, self-service options, our costs go down, and we can pass those savings along to our customers."

The airline will continue to allow customers one free personal item that fits underneath their seat.

Spirit claims that their carry-on bag program has helped streamline the boarding process, ensure sufficient overhead space, and has helped reduce the company's fuel consumption rate by six million gallons over the past year.

Spirit offers non-stop flights from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to destinations nationwide, as well as to various locations in Mexico.

The airline touts ultra low base fares, but charges for optional services such as selecting your own seat, on-board snacks and drinks, and carry-on baggage. As much as 40 percent of the airlines revenue is believed to be derived from such fees.

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