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RJ Choppy: A Good Riddance To Rajon Rondo

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Rajon. What can we say about the most rewarding tenure of a DFW athlete since Lamar Odom? Not much. But here are some more reasons that I simply can't stand you.

Your giant ninja handsIts not fair that you were gifted with real hands and fingers that would make Max Schreck jealous, while poor Shan has been left with nothing.

You learned to ride a bike without Training Wheels. I hate you. I tried to ride my sons bike the other day, let me tell you, its not like riding a bicycle…or whatever.

You waste more water than a golf course in July. That's right, you take 5 showers a day. Nobody needs to see themselves naked that much! I don't care how big it is, and if you think you're gonna be able to do that in LA…go check out the picture of Folsom Lake.

You were a HS teammate of Josh Smith…That's all I need to say.

You're good at math. I hate math…and anyone who is good at it.

Your favorite car is a Lambo. How original. I bet you drive a Range Rover too. Mix some originality in there. Wow, a rich guy with a Lambo. Never seen that before.

Your pregame meal is chicken…way to copycat Wade Boggs.

Your favorite movie is Cinderella Man, starring Hollywood's biggest jerk Russell Crowe, why am I not surprised?

And yet another piece to the puzzle falls into place. Adios!

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