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Sheriff: Parker County Teen Killed Mom & Sister

ANNETTA SOUTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Authorities in Parker County said that 17-year-old Jake Evans has been arrested and will be charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting deaths of his 48-year-old mother and 15-year-old sister.

Deputies from the Parker County Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 call early Thursday, just after midnight, in the 100 block of River Creek Lane, in Annetta South. The caller reportedly identified himself as Jake Evans and told officials that he had just shot his mother, who was later identified as Jamie Evans, and his sister, who was not identified.

"The 911 operator here at our center immediately dispatched the Sheriff's Office out here and kept the caller on the line for a good 20 minutes while the officers were en route," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler explained.

911: Is there any reason that you were so angry with your mother and your sister?

Caller: Uh, I don't know. I wasn't... it's weird. I wasn't really angry with them, it just kind of happened. I've been kind of, uh, planning on, uh, killing for a while now.

911: The two of them or just anybody?

Caller: Pretty much anybody.

Later in the call Evans described how he shot his family members.

Caller: I told my sister that my mom needed her. She was in her room and she came out of her room, uh, and I, I shot her. She rolled down the stairs and I shot her again. And then I went down and I shot my mom about maybe three or four times.

Caller: I'll never forget my sister; she came down the stairs and she was screaming and I was telling her that I'm sorry but I told her to just hold still because I was going to make it go away, you know? But she just kept on freaking out. And finally she just fell down and I shot her in the head.

In the conversation with the operator Evans added that he now hates guns and the feeling of killing someone.

Caller: I thought it would be quick, you know? I didn't want them to feel any pain that's why I used the gun. It was like everything went wrong.

Evans then went on to tell the operator he was worried what he had done would give him nightmares.  The emergency worker on the phone assured him he would get both medical and psychological help.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans, 17, is suspected of shooting and killing both his mother and sister in a small town just south of Aledo. (credit: Parker Co. Sheriff's Office)

Once at the scene, deputies found the two bodies and a cooperative suspect. "He complied with the instructions he was given over the phone by the 911 person here at our center and went out with his hands visible, met with the deputies and was taken into custody," Fowler said.

The suspect's father was out of town at the time of the killings, according to authorities.

The teenager told both the 911 dispatcher and arresting deputies that he used a .22-caliber revolver to carry out the murders. According to a police affidavit, upon searching the house, a .22-caliber revolver was found on the kitchen table.

While officials believe that Evans acted alone, saying there is "no evidence implicating additional suspects," they do not know why the boy killed his family members. "We're still trying to make sense of it," Fowler said. "Don't ask me what a motive is, because I don't know."

Parker County officials said that both Jake Evans and his younger sister were home schooled.

The shootings came as a shock to area resident Karen Miller, who said the neighborhood had never seen anything more than the occasional burglary, and certainly nothing this violent.  "I just heard about it," she said adding, "It gave me goosebumps. So it's very shocking for me."

Sheriff Fowler has concerns about Evans mental state.  "The mystery deepens in what this young man is troubled by that would precipitate such an act as this."

Additional details about the exact injuries and the causes of death fro Jamie Evans and her daughter will not be known until the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office completes a full autopsy.

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