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North Texas School Receives Backlash About Video Showcasing Dress Code

FLOWER MOUND, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A video some considered sexist is shown at a high school to show students what not to wear. The school says the dress code video wasn't meant to be offensive but is apologizing anyway.

"Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well," played a song in the video as high school girls in shorts are escorted into a dress code violators room filled with only other girls.

The video continues: "Repeat after me: I will not wear athletic shorts," said a teacher to female students.

"The first thing that really hit me was the song," said Marcus High School senior Nicole Hollowell, who was offended by the video.

The controversial video was one of two dress code video shown the second day of school. The first was pretty generic, listing what not to wear. Some students were so upset about the video, they decided to speak out about it publicly.

"I've seen boys who wear tank tops," said student Catherine Moring. "I've seen boys whose pants are sagging and showing their underwear band and thats also not dress code but that wasn't addressed even once."

In a letter to parents, Marcus High School Principal Will Skelton explained that a fashion show that demonstrates what to wear, and what not to wear didn't happen.

"We believed a video would be a good way to replace the fashion show, but this video absolutely missed the mark," said Skelton. "I'm a firm believer that when you make a mistake, you own it, you apologize, and you make it right."

In Moring's eyes, the video shows a double standard in the student dress code and how society treats men and women.

"We should be more educated on women's rights, on sexualization and rape culture," she said. "That's what this really boils down to. Somewhere, a group of people agreed that was okay to show, and there wasn't one person who said maybe we shouldn't do this."

Principal Skelton has met with those young women. The students said they are very happy and grateful for the apologizes they have received and owning up to a mistake.


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