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North Texas Population Boom Leading To Major Growing Pains

MURPHY, Texas (CBS11) - Opposition is growing to an idea that would force some people from their homes in Murphy.

The Timbers subdivision with about 300 houses is less than 20 years old.

Some homeowners say they don't want a six-lane road running through the middle of the neighborhood whether or not it impacts their properties.

David Brandon and other homeowners say they had no idea as recently as two weeks ago that they could be forced out of their homes for a Renner Road expansion project.

"They are going to dead end a number of our roads make a number of roads cul-de-sacs and really change the face of our neighborhood," says Brandon, The Timbers Homeowner's Association President.

Renner Road is four lanes through Richardson but comes to a dead end in Murphy.

Renner Road street sign in Murphy
Renner Road street sign in Murphy (CBS11)

Unplanned growth to the north has the North Texas Council of Governments and City of Murphy considering the idea of extending Renner through the neighborhood with a six lane parkway to another main road.

"We are earmarked for exit entrance ramps," says Cain.

She says her home could be in the project's path but wouldn't want to stay here even if it isn't.

"We would both be devastated," she says, "I think it would be worse to live here after it was built."

The program manager at the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Jeff Neal says other solutions are being considered.

"Growth happening now and in the future requires us to come up with bold solutions.

While extending Renner Road to the east was an example of this approach, at the same time, we need to be respectful to the community that has built up around that area.

Although residents acknowledge they may experience traffic problems, it is clear they don't want the problems solved at the expense of their community. If a community tells us they don't want to proceed with a technical recommendation, we won't and will develop another plan. However, doing nothing absolutely can't be a solution," he says.


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