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North Texas Has Rangers Fever

With the team having the largest divisional lead in baseball, Texas Rangers Fever is sweeping Dallas/Fort Worth. The Rangers' success is making it harder for fans to get tickets for many games, including this week's contests with the Yankees and Red Sox. In addition, the team's merchandise sales have also risen sharply over last year as fans race to get caps, jerseys, and anything else bearing the team's name.

Also today, Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan could be just hours away from officially owning the Texas Rangers.
The last hurdle to the sale comes from the other Major League baseball team owners who have to approve it.   They're starting their quarterly meetings in Minneapolis today, and the sale of the Rangers is supposed to be at the top of the agenda.
Greenberg and Ryan won that auction last week over Mark Cuban and Jim Crane with a final bid of 593 million dollars.
The deal could be closed by the end of the week.


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