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New DISD Budget Overview Eliminates All Teacher Layoffs

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Dallas School Board has yet to move toward official teacher layoffs. And now comes a new budget overview that eliminates all layoffs for teachers.

While the district still faces millions in cuts there is a belief that teacher layoffs are no longer an option.

If DISD officials are right, the teachers who still have their job will keep their job. The conclusion was only made possible because so many others have agreed to leave.

In a budget discussion Thursday afternoon, it was revealed that the DISD would actually hire two-dozen teachers next year.

Here's why: more than 700 employees have already agreed to quit their jobs, between eight and 10 of those resignations are teachers. More than 1,000 other workers, teacher assistants, counselors, bilingual specialists, will be laid-off.

While more than $110 million in cuts will have to be made, the place least likely to feel that cut is the classroom.

"The good thing under this plan is we wouldn't have to reduce any individuals, reduce positions in the classroom, but we'll have to reduce a lot of non-classroom positions later this year, this month," explained DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa.

The head of the largest DISD teacher group said she was happy to hear about avoiding the teacher layoffs. But she also said she knows this is just a budget scenario. "It's absolutely great," said Rena Honea with Alliance AFT. "It's what educators and parents want to hear. But there's more to come."

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