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KT's Week Preview: March 23-29

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*The following blog contains KT's thoughts on sports, entertainment, pop-culture, and of course human sexuality.  

Cowboys: The Cowboys signing of Greg Hardy obviously stole all the headlines from the last week, but I think not enough was made of the chain reaction that signing has on the defense.

Not only does that make the Cowboys more likely to go cornerback in the first round of the draft, but it also effects some of the other things that will happen on defense.

I know that you can create cap space by restructuring contracts, and moving some things around, but I don't think the Cowboys want to do a whole lot of that. Sure, they could bring Rolando McClain back if they wanted, but all signs point to a departure from the often troubled McClain.

In my draft study, there have been a few linebackers that are impressive, but I'm not real thrilled about plugging any of those guys in at MLB over Sean Lee. I think Sean Lee at MLB will be the best option for the Cowboys in 2015, and that's a little concerning given his injury history.

There's not a linebacker in the draft that I'd take in front of cornerbacks Trae Waynes, Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, or Byron Jones, and I could even be talked into adding a couple more corners to this list.

Rangers: My biggest concern with this Texas Rangers squad is the bullpen, and there hasn't been a whole lot to make me feel better, as we're now about 2 weeks away from the season officially beginning.

A couple key arms to keep an eye on are Keone Kela and Joe Biemel. Kela is set to go back-to-back with an appearance on Monday, after a perfect inning Sunday. If he can do that, and prove that back-to-backs won't be a problem, then I think he'll lock up a spot in the pen. As for Biemel, he's been terrible this spring, but I'm not sure how much of that you can blame on him. He won't be asked to face many right handed hitters this year, and in spring training he's definitely facing righties.

I feel like the club will ride this out for another week before any panic ensues, but if Biemel doesn't turn it around, look for the Rangers to go on a league-wide search for another lefty reliever over the last couple days of March.

The Ben and Skin show is on the road quite a bit this week. On Monday come see us at the Barbecues Galore in Grapevine. On Thursday, the party is at Texadelphia in Frisco, where the cheesesteaks will be thriving from 3-7 on national cheesesteak day. And on Friday, the show is live at the OT Tavern on Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

When we're at OT Tavern, you know the party is gonna be rockin', and I wouldn't rule out a secret guest appearance from Jeff Cavanaugh.

Modest Mouse is a Top 5 favorite band of mine, and they returned from the dead last week, with the release of their first album in 8 years, "Strangers to Ourselves".

My advice is to check it out if you're a fan of weird indie rock. If not, then at least check out these tracks, which really stand out!

"Lampshades on Fire" A song about the destruction of Earth and how pollution is going to force us to colonize on Mars or something. I dig this jam a lot. Here's the video:

Modest Mouse - Lampshades on Fire (Official Music Video) by MODESTMOUSEVEVO on YouTube

"Pistol" This song will be hated by critics, but it's a lot of fun and pretty different than anything they've ever done. It's about Andrew Cunanan, a mass-murderer in Florida back in 1996.

"The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box" This is a Top 5 song that they've ever done. Really great guitar riff, and I love it when brass is incorporated into my indie rock songs!

Also check out the tracks "The Best Room" and "Sugar Boats"

I also wanted to send out a reminder that Mud Bug Bash is this Saturday at Main Street Garden in Dallas.

All of your favorite 105.3 The Fan hosts and personalities will be hanging out and enjoying some crawfish, beer, and good vibes with you.

Go get your tickets at and be sure to give me a hug when you see me!

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