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Happy Ending After North Texas Woman Gives Birth In Moving Minivan To Baby Not Breathing

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - "Just...pffffff...something was coming," explained Angel Nandjole. "When I touch like this, that was the head. At that time, I was like, I have to do something. I have to save the baby."

In the back seat of a minivan, Nandjole gave birth on her way to the hospital Monday morning.

But her baby boy wasn't breathing.

"The baby was like...I try to shake the baby, try to shake the baby...nothing. So I was like god, please my baby," she said.

Lindy Curtis answered the 911 call.

Putting her five years of experience to use, she walked the baby's mom and baby's aunt who was driving through steps to help the baby breathe.

Panic started to set in as the women were driving to the hospital in Fort Worth, but Curtis told them how to give the baby CPR.

The baby started to respond just as they pulled up to the emergency room.

"Very rarely do we, as call takers, do we find out what happens after the phone call," said Curtis.

But on Tuesday, the women met face to face after Angel insisted on meeting the 911 operator.

"Because if it's was back home in Africa, this baby today, I'm crying. We are burying the baby, but over here, 911 helped my child. It helped me."

Angel Nandjole and her baby
Angel Nandjole and her baby boy (CBS 11)
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