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Frustrations Growing Over Homeless Encampment In North Dallas

DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — In north Dallas, frustration is growing over a homeless encampment under the bridge on Royal Lane, near the northbound access roads to Central Expressway. Matthew Fagan said every time he parks his car near it to head to the gym, it's a risk.

"People's cars get broken into all the time here... probably every other day," Fagan said. "I mean it's common word around the gym, don't leave anything, any valuables laying out. It's just really gotten to be above and beyond."

People in the community said people have lived under the bridge for years, but as other homeless encampments close to downtown Dallas shut down, more people move north and with that comes an increase in car break-ins, aggressive panhandling, fires and a growing amount of trash.

"It's definitely some of them that are messing it up for the rest of the bunch and it's a sad situation but definitely it is causing some concern amongst the community," Langston Yard said.

Yard and others are hoping the city will close the encampment.

"It hurts me to see that happen because that is that man's home, but at the same time, I worry about him being there," homeless advocate Pamela Gooden said. "It's unsafe."

Gooden worries where the homeless will go if they're forced to leave. The homeless outreach center Our Calling estimates there are around 10,000 homeless people in Dallas and only 2,600 shelter beds.

"I think it presents an opportunity for some people to get together and maybe donate some time, some volunteer work," Fagan said. "I'd even like to get involved with something like that."

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