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Do You Buy Extra Candy For Halloween So You Can Eat More? Better Do The Math

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – How sneaky is your family and is there even a way to figure out how to buy the proper amount of candy for your Halloween activities? With all the talk of shortages in our stores because of supply chain issues, you may want to think about making sure you have enough.

At first glance, when you buy those big bags of candy for Halloween, it can seem like you will have a never-ending supply to please the ghosts and goblins that come to the door, but have you factored in all the variables? Here's my thought process. While I am not an expert, I do consider myself VERY experienced in buying and eating candy. Also, please take our completely unscientific poll below.

First, we all know that 'fun size' really means 'tiny.' So, how many 'fun size' candy bars will you eat before Halloween rolls around? And don't blame the kids! You know you probably eat more than they do! So you better add an extra bag or two for that.

Second, how sneaky are the kids, your significant other or other critters in your house? So, there is the amount you admit you ate, then the amount you and your family members didn't tell anyone you ate. Perhaps add another bag or two here. But keep the candy away from the critters. Some is very dangerous for animals.

Third, do you hand out handfuls of candy or only one at a time so you can have tons extra after all is said and done? Remember, this variable is directly proportional to the amount of toilet paper that ends up in your trees and bushes. Although, this year, that could be a good thing (Life Hack Tip: Be sure to get that out of the foliage before it rains. You never know when you might need it).

While "wow, we just didn't have as many kids come by as I thought we would..." might work with relatives, it's a hard sell when you put a sugar cube sized Snickers in a kiddos Halloween pumkin. And trust me, in my experience, they check.

So to keep TP out of the trees and eggs off the windows, best add a few more bags so you can be generous and sneaky.

Are you the person who gives out water bottles and toothbrushes? See point three above. I doubt your involuntary decorations will stop at toilet paper. Not sure that is your best time to pontificate on the virtues of not eating candy... but you do you. I'm not judging. Or maybe hand out candy with the toothbrush? Or maybe just pretend you're not home?

I can't promise that you'll have purchased the correct amount of candy following this formula above, but in this instance, less may not be more.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Halloween candy sales are up 43% over 2019 and up 29% over last year. There may be some good news here too. "Candy manufacturers also said retailers put Halloween candy on shelves earlier to cater to shoppers celebrating throughout the season and get ahead of supply chain disruptions," said the paper in a report.

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