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Dermatologists Rodan & Fields Share Anti-Aging Secrets

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texas' reputation as a leader in the beauty world continues to grow--so much so, two world-renowned dermatologists led a conference on anti-aging in Dallas last week.

Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan have practiced what they've preached for decades. The founders of Proactive Solution, a skincare line touted mainly by teenagers and celebrities in popular infomercials, have now turned their attention to anti-aging.

The Stanford University-trained dermatologists have developed several lines, including one specifically for anti-aging. Just last week they released a home exfoliating tool called The Macro-E.

"The outer layer of skin turns-over every 28 days," Rodan explained. "That turnover slows down as you get older. So you need to exfoliate that dead layer of skin. It takes 5 minutes once a week. You use it across your face, as well as the neck and the back of your hands. It removes an entire week of dead skin cells."

Rodan and Fields insist the first step to great skin is sunscreen.

"We can't even start the conversation for anti aging or wrinkle control if you're not sun protecting," added Fields.

For fewer wrinkles, wear sunglasses. Repeated squinting will engrave your crows' feet.
And sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles around your eyes.

"It's that sleep crush, that sleep creates that crease those lines," Fields explained.

The exercise you choose can also make you age.  Think low-impact to prevent the sagging of ligaments and skin.  "Don't run," Fields declared.

"And running outside is like the worst--a double whammy," added Rodan. "Not only are you breaking attachments but also getting chronic sun exposure."

In addition, Fields advises women especially to keep their hormones in check, in particular their estrogen levels.

"Estrogen makes us juicy and that's good--from your eyes which dry out,  to all the way down."

Finally, the older you get, the less makeup you should wear.

"Makeup ages you," says Fields. "It gets into every pore, line and wrinkle. At 57 and 54 years old, we really shy away from foundation. We're not wearing it right now."

For more information on the Rodan and Fields skin care line or macro-exfoliator, go to

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