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Dallas Has Spent Nearly $10M On Police Misconduct Lawsuits Since 2015

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council will vote on whether to spend $610,000 to settle a high-profile police misconduct lawsuit stemming from the 2013 shooting of Kelvion Walker by then-Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn.

In the past five years, the City of Dallas has spent nearly $7.4 million to settle dozens of lawsuits against Dallas police officers and another $2.4 million to pay for outside attorneys to fight the cases.

A CBS 11 I-Team investigation found many of these police misconduct lawsuits get tied up in the court system for years.

According to city records, Dallas is currently involved in more than 30 lawsuits against police officers, including several that were filed more than five years ago.

Dallas taxpayers will spend $1.2 million on Kelvion Walker lawsuit

In addition to the $610,000 payout to Walker, the city has spent more $620,000 on outside lawyers to defend Wilburn and the city in the civil case.

The police dash-cam video that captured the shooting on December 9, 2013 shows two Dallas police officers in pursuit of a reported stolen vehicle in which Walker was a passenger.

As the driver of the car jumped out, Wilburn rushed up to driver's side of the moving vehicle and fired her weapon at Walker.

At the time of the shooting, Walker was still in his seat belt, unarmed, and according to an independent witness, had both of his hands up.

Wilburn later said she couldn't see Walker's hands.

Earlier this year, a hung jury resulted in a mistrial in the civil case. The two sides reached a settlement in lieu of a retrial.

Kelvion Walker
Kelvion Walker

Several high-profile lawsuits against DPD still pending

In 2017, a Dallas officer fired 13 times into a car killing 21 year old Genevive Dawes.

Former Dallas Officer Christopher Hess was fired and the Dawes family sued the city.

The city has so far spent $94,000 in legal fees on the case. The lawsuit is still pending.

Genevive Dawes
Genevive Dawes (CBS 11)

In 2016, Tony Timpa called 911 for help.

When Dallas officers arrived they mocked him and pinned him to the ground until he became unresponsive.

Timpa's family sued.

The city has so far spent more than $79,000 on legal fees on the civil case. The case is scheduled to go to trial next year.

Tony Timpa
Tony Timpa

Seven years and $355K in attorney fees later, judge dismissed Cook lawsuit

In 2012, Deanna Cook's family filed a lawsuit against the city after her murder.

Cook was choked to death by her ex-husband as a 911 dispatcher listened and police officers took almost 50 minutes to respond.

The family's lawsuit was tied up in the court system for seven years before a judge in February dismissed the case.

Last month, the family lost an appeal.

The City of Dallas will not have to pay the Cook family any in damages, but the case did cost Dallas taxpayers more than $355,000 in legal fees, according to city records.

Deanna Cook
Deanna Cook

Other large cities also spend millions on police misconduct lawsuits

Several large cities across the country have also reported paying millions in recent years to settle police misconduct cases.

Fort Worth has spent a little more than $2 million to settle lawsuits against police in the past decade.

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