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Chili's Cutting Menu Items By 40 Percent

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Popular casual dining restaurant Chili's Grill & Bar is making a dramatic change to their menu later this month. The company announced Friday that they would soon be cutting their menu by 40 percent in order to better focus on the quality of the remaining items.

The changes are set to go into effect on September 18 with the approach of "less is more."

A statement from the company explains why these menu cuts are being made. "Over the years, like many bar and grill chains, Chili's chased consumer trends, expanded the menu and tried to be all things to all guests, therefore compromising execution and resulting in a fuzzy food reputation," the statement read.

(credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images For Chili's)

Chili's is now promising a return to "its roots" by narrowing down their menu to just 75 core items. The company will also be investing millions of dollars into improving the quality of those remaining food options. The menu size had peaked earlier this year with 125 items including appetizers, entrees, desserts and cocktails.

With ingredients ranging from cauliflower to quinoa, it was one of the largest chain restaurant menus out there.

"We value every guest and we know that cutting even one entree like Mango Chili Tilapia, or a delicious appetizer like Crispy Asparagus, could disappoint a guest who loves that dish," said president Kelli Valade. "But guests have also told us they know that today no restaurant can be everything to everyone."

Chili's Message
(credit: Chili's Grill & Bar)

The first Chili's location opened in 1975 along Greenville Avenue in Dallas. It quickly became known for its burgers, beer and margaritas. The restaurant then added fajitas and baby back ribs more than a decade later. These three items have become the most popular choices on the menu.

"We apologize to any guest who misses a departed dish," Valade added, "but with this bold move, we commit to all guests to do a better job of serving our famous food on every visit, in every restaurant."

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