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CBS News Announces New Anchor Teams For Morning And Evening Broadcasts

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) — CBS News President and Senior Executive Producer Susan Zirinsky today announced a new weekday anchor lineup naming Norah O'Donnell anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and Gayle King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil co-hosts of CBS This Morning.

The new CBS This Morning team launches May 20. The CBS Evening News With Norah O'Donnell debuts this summer in New York and moves to its permanent home in Washington, D.C. this fall.

Moving the CBS Evening News to Washington adds to the importance and stature of the broadcast and will give CBS News unique access to top lawmakers, whose decisions have a profound impact on all Americans.

"This is a start of a new era for CBS News," said Zirinsky. "Our job is to reveal America to itself through original reporting, strong investigative journalism and powerful political coverage."

O'Donnell, a highly respected, award-winning journalist, has covered the most significant events of our time and conducted news-making interviews with global leaders and newsmakers from all industries during her distinguished career. In addition to her new role as anchor of the CBS Evening News, O'Donnell will also serve as the venerable broadcast's managing editor.

O'Donnell will be the Network's lead anchor for political coverage of the primaries and election nights and continue as a contributing correspondent for 60 Minutes, the most-watched news broadcast.

King, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who has co-hosted CBS This Morning since 2012, will be teamed with two exceptional co-hosts, Mason and Dokoupil.

Mason, who has most recently anchored CBS This Morning: Saturday, has covered the world throughout his 30 years at CBS News from war zones to critical interviews. His curiosity and interests in a wide range of subjects from music, culture, science and literature will be on full display through his interviews and reporting each day.

Dokoupil completes the team. He has established himself at CBS Sunday Morning doing powerful and provocative cover stories and pieces for all CBS News programs. He's an inspiring writer and interviewer, and passionate about journalism and the stories we tell every day. He'll bring a new energy and perspective to the table. His creative voice, hard-working and authentic style will create a dynamic chemistry with Gayle and Anthony.

Dickerson, a preeminent journalist and author who has delivered ground-breaking political reporting with depth and perspective throughout his career, will join 60 Minutes, the most respected news program in the country, as a correspondent. He will also have a key role as a contributing anchor to the Network's political coverage of primary and election nights. He will continue to be based in New York.

"Norah is one of the leading journalists of our time. Her outstanding reporting, incisive interviews and dedication to the truth will distinguish the CBS Evening News every night," said Zirinsky.

"Gayle's game-changing interviews, compassionate storytelling and authenticity make her one of a kind. Her unrivaled ability to connect with audiences makes CBS This Morning relevant, relatable and the place you must start your day," said Zirinsky.

"Anthony Mason is an exceptional journalist who over his three decades at CBS News has interviewed everyone from presidents to legendary artists, and has tapped into some of the most important stories in the world. Tony Dokoupil is a brilliant writer with a passion for delivering stories that matter. This new role will give Tony a platform to continue his standout reporting. We're incredibly excited to have this dynamic team together each morning."

"John is a world-class interviewer and writer who uses history to create current context to the complexities of the day," said Zirinsky. "His insights into politics, culture and world events – past and present – will deepen the audiences' understanding of what matters and will add to the excellence of 60 Minutes and CBS News' election specials."

"We are grateful to Jeff Glor for his award-winning work and his commitment to both his colleagues and to our viewers," Zirinsky said. "As we transition the Evening News to Washington, we are discussing opportunities for Jeff to remain with CBS News and continue providing the same substantive, trusted reporting that he has been offering for the past 12 years."

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