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Big Weather Changes Headed Our Way!

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Mid-week summer, weekend winter.

Get ready for a significant change of pace in regard to your weather. Highs on Wednesday are expected to reach 90 degrees for the first time this year on a breezy, mostly sunny day. But before your mind starts to drift to thoughts of being poolside, you need to know about what immediately follows Wednesday


500 mb Energy Jet1
500 mb Energy Jet2

A strong cold front arrives early Thursday and temperatures start to drop. The high for Thursday will be in the early morning hours as we will only be in the 60s by afternoon with clouds and gusty winds. Why the big temperature drop? Because a massive Spring storm is going to race across the Central Plains. It will bring blizzard conditions while dropping over a foot of snow.

US Snow Forecast3
US Snow Forecast4

This powerful low brings up warm south winds for north Texas on Wednesday. But Thursday and Friday it brings down cold air from the north. The typical high for early June is 90 degrees. That's Wednesday. The typical high for early February is the upper 50s. That's Saturday along with some heavy rain.

Temp. Trend FLY2

Don't worry, this is just a pause in Spring Warm weather returns next week and we can resume our thoughts of a long pool season.

10 Day Forecast


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