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Another Gunman Hides In Vehicle, Forces Victim To Dallas ATMs

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Another warning from Dallas police as a gunman hides in a vehicle and threatens the driver at gunpoint. For the second time in two weeks a victim has been forced to drive to local ATMs and withdraw money.

Police haven't said if the two similar crimes are connected but the latest incident happened on Sunday afternoon when a gunman got inside an unlocked vehicle parked at the Walgreens in the 5000 block of Ross Avenue.

Investigators say the male victim didn't notice the suspect kneeling down in the back seat until he'd gotten inside the vehicle and closed the door. Before he could react the suspect grabbed the man from behind and held a gun to him.

In all, the suspect forced the victim the drive to four separate ATM locations to withdraw money, but was only able to get money at two banks before reaching his maximum withdrawal limit.

Different from the recent robbery of a woman leaving the Walgreens on Mockingbird Lane, this suspect made the victim drive to his home, ordered him to get out and then drove away in the vehicle.

It was in late January when the first victim, Alyse Van Scoy, walked out of a Walgreens to a gunman waiting inside her car. She told CBS 11 News she didn't know the man was inside until she'd driven away. "A block later, a guy popped out of the backseat, grabbed the hood of my sweater, put a gun to my head and said, 'drive to the nearest ATM. If you do anything funny I'll shoot you.'"

Fortunately, no one was hurt in either instance.

Dallas police are again stressing the importance of locking your car/truck doors and are also urging citizens to be aware of their surroundings and take a second to look inside the vehicle before getting in.

Police have not made any arrests and are asking that anyone with information about either attack contact the Dallas Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 214.671.3584.

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