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After 2 Deaths, DPD Has New Street Racing Warnings

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Drag racing teens have been around as long as cars have been on the road. But Dallas police say they are alarmed at the increasing number of drag racing accidents involving death or injury.

In a six-week period, two North Texans were killed as a result of drag racing. One of the victims was an innocent driver.

Dallas police Lieutenant Scott Bratcher is stressing to parents to limit the type of car they allow their teenager to drive.

"Getting them a car that they can get on and off the freeway in a safe manner and still get around town in a safe manner I think is the ideal solution for parents and not giving them a high-performance car," Lt. Bratcher said.

In the November 2011 street-racing incident on Northwest Highway both drivers were in BMWs. And one was killed. In the New Year's Day drag racing incident an innocent driver pulled in front of two racers on Singleton and was killed after being broadsided. The teen driver in that collision was behind the wheel of a Chevy Suburban.

Both races involved 16-year-old drivers but Lt. Bratcher said there are some unique differences about the incidents.

"This is an unusual amount of racing and serious injuries for us," he said. "What concerns us is this is juveniles racing cars and it's not late at night, in some deserted area, these are through main thoroughfares in Dallas."

Ultimately, Lt. Bratcher said the voice of reason and responsibility has to be that of the parent.

"It's really tough when you're a kid to think past the next minute or two," he said. "As we get older fortunately we get a little bit wiser… and that's when you really have to take the time to talk to them [teenagers] and drill it into them."

Police warn that some of the consequences of illegal street racing include, but are not limited to: vehicle impoundment, driver license suspension, jail time, injury and death.

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