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A Look At New Overtime Rules' Impact On North Texas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A North Texas woman says for three years, she worked up to 54 hours each week, but was never paid any overtime -- all on a salary of $30,000.

We're protecting her identity because she doesn't want to lose her job. "I've never thought it was fair. Working six days a week and then one day you do have off, it's continual worrying about things that are happening at work. Your life is pretty much work, there's no life outside of that," she said.

Now, under a new rule by President Barack Obama taking effect December 1 of this year, salaried employees like her who make less than about $47,000 a year will receive overtime. That's double the salary threshold now. On January 1, 2020, that number will rise to $51,000.

The White House says 4.2 million workers stand to benefit.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous said, "I think it's time that somebody did make things fairer for people that are in these situations."

The executive order does not affect hourly employees, who already receive overtime pay after working 40 hours a week. Tori Mannes, President & CEO of ChildCareGroup, which operates comprehensive early childhood programs in the Dallas area, supports the new overtime rule. "We want every family to earn a living wage."

Mannes said they realize childcare industry salaries will have to go up. "We don't really know the overall impact of this new rule, but when there are increased costs in terms of needing to pay employees higher wages, the cost needs to be passed onto the customers."

As for the woman CBS11 interviewed, she said she hopes companies will follow through and do right by their employees. "I hope we can get what we deserve."

Most employers who spoke to CBS11 News said the rule is so new, they're still investigating how it will impact their company and workers.

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