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100+ Texas Pets Go On Flight Of Their Lives In Relocation Program

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is at capacity. So in an effort to make room at facilities here, this morning the organization loaded more than 100 pets onto a plane for the flight of their lives!

Before the sun came up 100 dogs and puppies, and 1 pot-bellied pig, made their way to Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.

HSNT puppies
(credit: Humane Society of North Texas)

The flight, funded by, whisked the dogs and the pig -- named Felipe -- to locations in Washington state, Idaho and Oregon, where organizers say they will be adopted.

"We need or laws to be more stringent here. The spay and neuter laws are much stricter up north. Their inclement weather plays a role in them not having a heavy pet overpopulation. We really struggle with that here in the south," said Cassie Lackey, with HSNT. "Partnering rescues are waiting to receive all of these pets. They're all spoken for."

Having more dogs than homes available in North Texas is nothing new, but Lackey said the other airline passenger is unusual. "Felipe is a 3-month old pot-bellied pig and it's not every day that you have little pot-bellied pigs coming in to your shelter," she said. "So, we're gonna send Felipe on the flight. A pig will fly!"

Felipe the pig 1
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Lackey said the relocation flights actually save two lives, by saving the life of the pet transported and making space available pets in the shelter here.

HSNT began the partnership with the ASPCA Animal Relocation Program, Wings of Rescue and shelters across the country in February, and since then has transported more than 730 pets to new homes.

According to Wings of Rescue CEO Ric Browde, Texas has the highest animal euthanasia rate in the country.

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