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Waterford Home Condemned After Cats, Owner Found Living In Squalor

WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ) - A home in Waterford Township has been condemned, after authorities found deplorable conditions inside.

Police say Oakland County Animal Control officials removed approximately 30 cats from a home on Airport Road Friday, some of which were deceased.

Waterford Police Chief Dan McCaw said police took the home's resident, a 50-year-old woman, into custody and are seeking a warrant for her arrest on felony animal cruelty charges.

Officers say they initially responded to the home around 5:40 p.m. Tuesday, where a 59-year-old female from Taylor who told them she had come to the residence to purchase a Snow Leopard cat from the resident.

The woman told officers she had previously given the resident two of her own Snow Leopard cats to breed and could see them inside the home through the windows. She also told officers she had just spoken with the resident by phone, but could not get her to come to the door.

Police say they eventually made contact with the resident by phone, who initially stated she wasn't home. When the resident finally came out to speak with police, they could smell a strong odor of cat urine coming from her clothing.

Officers attempted to enter the residence to check the welfare of the animals and any other people who may have been inside, but were forced to leave immediately after being overcome by the smell of feces.

The Waterford Fire Department responded and entered the house wearing hazmat suits and breathing apparatus equipment. Township officials who entered the house observed the interior conditions to be deplorable and uninhabitable, with the entire bathtub filled with cat feces and cat feces ankle-deep throughout the residence.

Waterford Township Condemned Home
(Photo courtesy of Waterford Township Police)
Waterford Township Condemned Home
(Photo courtesy of Waterford Township Police)
Waterford Township Condemned Home
(Photo courtesy of Waterford Township Police)
Waterford Township Condemned Home
(Photo courtesy of Waterford Township Police)

Oakland County Animal Control Officers were also contacted and responded to rescue the approximately 30 cats located in the home, but were unable to remove them at that time.

The resident was removed from the home and the home was secured. Waterford Township Officials posted condemned signs on the residence on Wednesday.

The incident was turned over to Oakland County Animal Control for prosecution and remains under investigation.

McCaw said he wants to remind citizens that pets and animals are often unable to defend themselves against individuals who abuse them.

"It's important for all of us to remember, when you see acts of animal cruelty or abuse, please contact your local police department and report it. Policing is a partnership and the Waterford Police Department will continue to work closely with citizens and Animal Control Officers to investigate and prosecute these crimes," said McCaw.

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